Another messed up NHS appointment

My specialist is in Oxford so we book a Holiday Inn Express for this yearly trip.

It,s quite important as my heart gets monitored and its the only team who actually start the review from an Independent Living perspective.

This involves two appointments. Usually I get to see cardiology first to gather up the data then trundle the results down to the Neuromuscular team for their appointment.

This year I had to spend ages on the phone because they forgot to book the second appointment. Both were then rescheduled for a week later.

The other week a letter came to say they had moved cardiology to a few days later. Also that if you needed to change it you should e-mail in preference to calling because they were installing a new booking system.

Good job we hadn’t booked accommodation! I e-mailed and explained I needed both appointments together on a Monday. My husband was already going to lose a days pay booking the Monday of work.

No reply. A week later I mailed again. The reply simply said ‘call the appointments number’ – yep the one they said not to call.

So they think I’m going in a few weeks on two separate days … frustrating.

Update: An e-mail arrives to say they moved both appointments back to the original day – but that’s no good because hubs can’t now take time off and it’s a bit late to organise a hotel… flipping hec.


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