My desk


My desk

Nothing has been altered for the composition of this photo.

The image captures a snapshot of my day.

A = Headset earpiece. Essential when you can’t hold a phone. I had this through Access to Work funding several years ago.

B = Cup of tea. Has to be a heavy mug that won’t tip if I knock it. It will take me hours to sip this. I use extra tall straws so I don’t have to reach down or my head will fall and hit the cup/desk.

C = Phone capable of taking a headset and also with speaker phone. Had this with (A). It’s a bit broke. Can’t afford a new one. I don’t like using the phone – talking is exhausting.

D = Thermometer. If your Catholic you’ll know why lol. Also handy to check temperature in case I feel ill.

E = Space Putty. One of my ideas was to cram it into my ventilator mask to stop leaks. Never tried it.

F = Tabs for bloating and acid reflux.

G = Wacom tablet stylus. This is how I operate my computer. I had this one from a Disabled Student Grant some years ago.

H = Infra red remote for the ceiling lights. It has a dimmer for when low light is best for a foggy head. I can’t press light switches. DIY job.

I = Remote for power sockets. DIY job.

J = Sore throat sweets. Helps me breathe when nose is blocked or dried out from vent. Also good if I choke, to wet my throat.

K = More tabs for acid reflux.


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