Homophobes in denial

We are all entitled to freedom of thought and speech. If people don’t like something then they can say so openly. If someone says outright they don’t like ‘gays’ then that is their opinion. If someone refuses to go to Brighton because ‘it’s full of gays’ at least you know where they stand.

What makes me angry is when people hide or outright deny they are racist, homophobic or disablist – then show they are. The ‘I’m not homophobic’ guy who can’t resist adding to a conversation about clothing ‘but kill me if I start wearing PINK’.

I did a job interview once as part of a panel. Two of the several candidates were from a well known Asian community. After a ‘we pride ourselves in equality’ statement was read out the interviews began. Afterwards, I was horrified when the Asian women were knocked off straight away and my ‘hang on a minute’ comments to pick through their reasoning were sharply silenced. It was blatant discrimination from a panel who practiced equality. The women were no better or worse during the interview than the other candidates.

One of the panel was an equality champion in the company… scary.


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