The greatest loss?

Next week is my annual health MOT and trip to Oxford. I get to give my specialist an overview of how life has gone in the past year or so in relation to the progression of my Muscular Dystrophy. I’ve been rehearsing the key points I want to get across. I start of with the big things like using a vent and the various difficulties in living caused by more power loss of legs, spine arms etc etc. As I got to my head (it now wobbles back, forward, left and right with a life of its own!) it made me cry.

I wasn’t sad because I couldn’t do the big things like walk or breathe – the thing that set me off was not being able to smile all the time. You see, when I’m tired (which is most of the time now) I can’t easily turn the corners of my mouth up and I look a miserable bugger. Hubs suggested I could go for the Joan Rivers look for a more permanent grin – but I also want the choice to show I’m sad or tired.

Another thing I miss is not being able to wave. My arms haven’t been able to lift up for many years. I bet you don’t realise how many times a day you raise your hand to communicate a hello or goodbye or other signal. People probably think I’m not only miserable but rude to boot.

The loss of body language is HUGE and under appreciated I think. Why people choose to Botox away facial expression or have face lifts is beyond me! Strange world.


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