Bidet number three…

Part 3 – (see previous posts for the details of this saga).

Having found no UK company who would get me the model of Biobidet I wanted, I e-mailed their American distributer every few days until they got fed up and replied. They said they had a retailer who would ship to the UK. So that’s what we did and within less than a week it arrived…. FINALLY! I need to see if I can balance on it (my pelvis doesn’t like strange surfaces!) so that’s what I am doing today and over the weekend. If I can balance then hubs will be connecting it up and digging up the bathroom (it has to fit in with other equipment).  I’m excited – this could be a level of dignity I’m not used to and the remote is different, it’s a lot easier to press than the UK version of the remote …. meanwhile we are still trying to get Blooming Bidet (Bidet number 2) refunded and making a formal complaint.  The quest continues….


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