Bidet update!

Part 4 – Well, bidet arrived and we took apart our toilet riser (removed it) and attached our Biobidet1000 to the pan to see if I could sit on it. The seat bevel and shape made my legs go numb and seemed to press on a nerve – hubs wasn’t much better. Rather disheartening as it means we now have to glue/attach a nice comfy seat onto the bidet somehow.

Because of the way it works, a touch (capacitor) sensor, detects if someone is sitting on the toilet seat before it can be activated. We have to make sure this switch is triggered when sitting on the new seat. We can’t drill through the new seat into the bidet as there are heating elements running through the seat. On top of this, we have to install it onto the toilet riser with some more engineering.

The other day a new seat from B&Q was attached to a toilet pan we borrowed of my sister-in-law. I could sit on it so that is the one we will attached as the new seat. Hubs has had to install the electrics into the bathroom (more channeling into the walls). This isn’t so bad as it’s still bare wall and hasn’t been tiled.

Another job will then be to lower the toilet pan and sink it into the floor so my little legs can touch the floor  – more chopping out the floor.  Lots of reasons why a foot stool is not workable – but I won’t bother you with those.

Thanks for asking how it was going 🙂

Oh – we plumbed it into a garden hose to test it worked and the enema function shot water out the nozzle and over the roof of the house lol. I feel a YouTube video coming on.


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