Thinking of my postcards

My auction ends today:

Titanic Postcard Album – 48 limited edition postcards hand signed /autographed #Titanic #postcard #auction

Crossing my fingers that someone buys it. Like a lot of things, I’ve loved having it but it’s money sitting there and I haven’t the space to display it or do anything with. Plus, I could do with the money as there are always more important things we need like disability equipment and the like which is always expensive.

I’m thinking of selling other parts of my postcard collection, I’ve got a few autographs (Jackie Stewart, Gracie Fields) and an old vintage card with an edwardian interpretation of a lion and a peacock that are worth a bit – but that involves wading through a massive collection to find them – I literally have probably about 7000 in display albums! Most cheap rubbish or novelty ones but some little gems I might write about here *goes to fetch anorak ;-). Catch you later.



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