A blog that’s simply pants

I never thought I’d do a blog post on pants. However, here I am doing just that!

On Thursday I started using a hoist with my new PA. Instead of the hammock type slings people use, I have a vest. It’s like a waist corset that holds up my upper body and straps that go under your legs to hold them up too. You dangle from the beam in a sitting position.

The problem is getting knickers on – and so began the hunt for something different.  If you want more details because you can relate to the problem or work in social/health care, you may prefer the elongated version: “The three Ps”.

Otherwise….. please do read on…!!

This  weekend a joint effort between me, hubby and my mum-in-law, resulted in three new pairs of knickers…

Now, I decided that I needed a quick and easy way to get knickers on without a 5 minute saga of shearing them underneath whilst sitting on the loo. I spent many days googling pants for disabled people that came apart at the side. I even scoured the adult shops (terrible job but someone’s got to do it 😉 ) evaluating the tie at the side burlesque type and various other ‘sorts’ *cough.  Actually, adult sex shops are recommended as a source of knickers by disability living places. However, their suggestion of ‘crotchless’ sorts seemed to be missing the point? Anyway… I didn’t find anything quite right  – so hand made job it was. I bought pants and we adapted them.

So here they are – pretty pants with poppers. I have no idea if they will work or whether me and my PA will end up more ‘knit one pearl one’.


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