Has suing within health and safety gone too far?

This article is exactly the sort of thing I hate about a society where everyone is out to sue someone.

Teacher Glennroy Blair-Ford sues after freak welly-wanging accident.

In summary the man, a teacher, is paralysed and has round the clock care in a nursing home because he was injured in a welly throwing contest. Basically it was a fun competition with his students on an outdoor activity week. He is suing the company for failing to warn him of the risks of throwing the boot backwards, between his legs.

As terrible as this is, it seems that nothing is just an accident any more – everything is someone else’s fault. We are encouraged to claim for every trip and slip.  I hate compensation culture.

He wants compensation worth 5 million to cover full time care for the rest of his life.  That’s the second thing that grates – people who get their impairment from an injury, and who get compensation, end up with a decent amount to pay for that care. Others, like me have to keep buying lottery tickets and put up with basic or no care from the government. I wonder if people are more likely to sue because it’s the only way they might get half decent care if they do become injured?





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