Ending a child’s life

A report from Great Ormond Street Hospital was published yesterday in the Journal of Medical Ethics.

Doctors cited Article 3 of the Human Rights Act to support their opinion that a review was needed on the ethical guidelines around situations when parents want treatment to continue but medical staff feel the treatment is too aggressive and futile – and that their child should be allowed to die.

Article 3 is about making sure a person is not subject to torture or degrading treatment.


Worryingly, the doctors insist:   “Spending a lifetime attached to a mechanical ventilator, having every bodily function supervised and sanitised by a carer or relative, leaving no dignity or privacy to the child and then adult, has been argued as inhumane.”

So is it inhumane to keep me alive then as an adult in this state? Will doctors be demanding courts to end my life just as they want the courts to demand to end the life of a child with the same needs?

How is ‘torture’ and ‘dignity’ measured or viewed and at what point does Article 3 take precedent over the first Article of the Right to Life?


Article information via Very religious parents causing suffering to sick kids, says report – Yahoo! Lifestyle UK.


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