Changing Room Shock

Last week (Saturday) we stopped at Road Chef Norton Canes, the only services on the M6 Toll Road.

In a hurry to get going we thought we’d pop to the loo before setting off. The accessible toilet was engaged so we waited patiently… and waited… and waited.

At first I didn’t mind because it can take a little while to use the facilities so it was only right to wait. Ten minutes later…

A parent attempted to drag her two young children into the loo – but decides she wasn’t disabled on seeing it was engaged and went to the ladies.

A member of staff saw us and asked if we were waiting. He said a man was praying in there and knocked on the door. We were told he would just be 2 more minutes.

WHAT THE… Did I just hear that correctly ? We have to wait for a guy to finish praying in the loo?

This guy came out wearing a business suit and carrying a suit hanger in his arm. The rest of the wedding party then came in. Is it custom to pray when changing into a wedding suit – and to do it in the only accessible loo?

We went in and the floor was soaked wet so I came out to guard the loo whilst hubs ran to the car for my mat ( I have to stand in bare feet). Whilst waiting I had to stop a second man doing the same. How gracious that he would let me use it first!

Basically it appeared to be ‘saved’ as a changing room by a staff member!

We are still completely stunned at the most appalling takeover of a disabled / accessible toilet we have ever known.

Shame on you wedding guests. 😦


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