Holiday Antics


This has been a mad two weeks…

Week 1: Holiday, self catering in the only higher level accessible cottage in Lancashire.

By accessible, I mean we survived. It might sound a bit dramatic but any stay away from home is a test of endurance, patience and stamina. Holidays are hard work for hubs because he has to lift a lot more from different heights etc. After a 7 hr journey ( we have to stop quite a lot for pain relief) we arrive late at night and before we can crash into bed he has to move all the bedroom furniture for access. We were also presented with high beds that would be higher than the arms of my wheelchair once my pressure mattress topper went on. Had to strip the beds, take of the mattress and remake a new mattress from the bits we had brought.

Next we had to work out how to manage in the bathroom without ledges to put my feet on for balance and a bathroom door which opened into the bathroom blocking of the route to the shower. I can’t clean my teeth or physically sit on the loo until I have enough things to lean on at exactly the right height. It’s hard work for hubs and increases the pain and fatigue so it’s not exactly relaxing!

Each day we congratulated ourselves with a ‘we made it, only x days to go’ conversation.

The reading material they provided came in handy as table leg raisers so I could eat and by the end of the week we had a good routine going – just in time to go home lol.

So why do we do it? Because you can’t experience the world and see new things and have pleasure from that without making the effort and putting up with the difficult environments. We had some great days, fab food and it was nice just to have time away together.

On our way back we stopped to pick up my brother’s active/passive cycle I bought from him and a new (second hand) wheelchair to be the base for my next kit chair 🙂 good times.


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