Christmas Decoupage

These are two of my favourite cards I made this year. These were from a kit and I basically detached the pieces, trimmed and assembled the layers with Silicon glue. Each card has up to 15 parts and they took me a few days each to make. I was quite pleased how the metal look ‘tag’ turned out (several layers of paint to distress). It looks like pewter 🙂 . I love the vintage sepia look and the feel of the textured card.




5 thoughts on “Christmas Decoupage

  1. Beautiful, Are they easy to do? They do look pretty. I’m into card making which is easy once you done your first one. Never tried textured card, might give it a go. Thank you for the inspiration. Have a lovely week

    • The kit ones with pre cut parts are pretty easy. Each part is ‘die cut’ so you pop them out and then it’s a case of gluing the layers down to build up the picture. This set was pre dry embossed around the picture. I found that if you use a dry embossing ball tool to rub over the parts (on top of some soft cloth or peace of foam) then they pop out without tearing. I also trim the pieces to tidy up the edges. You can use sticky pads to stick them down but silicon is best as you can move it around before it dries so you get the layers spot on. You should have a go – the results look beautiful in real life! I can never get the camera to do them justice. Have a good weekend.

      • It sure does sound easy when you put it that way. May give it a go once christmas is over with. Never tried silicone before so that will be a first for me. I have lots of decopage to craft, alot i got free with the lovely card magazines they do. What puts me off is do you have to cut each picture out if so what scissors do you use please? I seem to make a right mess. The photos taken are beautiful, try photo editor software
        i use this

        Have a beautiful christmas and happy crafting

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