Dignified care – ehm what?

I saw this today (see below) about the council promoting dignity in social care.

Last year I was in a situation where I would have no assistance within a few days. Care agencies refused to help fill the gap because of a no lifting policy to get me out of bed etc.  Rather than problem solving, arranging an emergency social service visit to figure out what to do (or providing emergency equipment to lift/move etc or agreeing short term 2 person manual moving),  Kent County Council’s emergency response was to tell me to ‘stay in bed and be nursed there’ and to call the NHS / GP.

In bed I can not move, breath without a ventilator, take medication, maintain my airway, eat, drink or go to the loo. I can also not talk.  Their suggestion was inhumane.  I cried a lot after that phone call.


“Carers across Kent are putting on events for Dignity Action Day to raise awareness of treating people in care with respect and compassion.The day highlights the need to see people in care as individuals and give them choice. Kent County Council is committed to providing the best services it can for the most vulnerable members of society.

via 1 February – a day to celebrate dignified care. “


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