24 hr ECG

Yesterday I started my 24 hr ECG.
It was snowing and I became a Popsicle just getting into the car. Ironically the Cardiac Investigation Unit is through the hospital, then outside the back miles away from even the closest parking!

Once again Maidstone hospital excelled itself in staff who couldn’t give a toss. Last time I had this done they lost the results. This time it’s still looking good for the same thing happening.

The room was small and not very accessible and the nurse slapped it on like I wasn’t even there. She barked out my name and the ward I had to take it back to. That was pretty much her communication limit. She slapped on the electrodes. No checking it was attached well or explanation what the test was. She kind of threw the unit on my lap, told me not to shower or have a bath and that was that.

It made transferring a bit trickier but the unit is quite small with a belt clip. I had to clip it to my top. The left electrode came off partly in the process so we tacked it back down – not sure if it will have recorded properly. Also snagged it on my wheelchair and nearly ripped them all off. Between that and the electrodes digging into my collarbone all night it was pretty uncomfortable in bed. I don’t remember it that bad last time. I was quite pleased to get rid if it today.

Tomorrow hubs will return it to the Noro virus ridden ward :-/



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