Hope in a Pope – nope, carry on as you were.

So we have a new Pope.  I am simply going to say that a prominent theme of the Christian faith is to love others. Jesus said it was the most important thing we can do. He knew what he was talking about! To give people respect, empathy, kindness, speaking out for those who are forced into silence and so forth. I would not want my thoughts and actions to cause hurt and pain to others. Would you?

How can I truly live, love and strive for these values whilst at the same time hold the beliefs that the Church imposes on us.  Jesus gave us a new way to live, giving us examples of what is good and fair and he gave us a conscience – even the Pope tells us to listen to our conscience as a way of being guided spiritually. I discovered I was a progressive Catholic because that is how God has guided my conscience through the things I have seen and experienced and in my thoughts and understanding.

Christian or not… we can all be progressive in our lives?

“For decades, centuries probably, progressive Catholics have been doing the work of being the church we want to see. We build small faith communities. We lift up women leaders. We welcome married priests. We bless same-sex unions. We baptize children of same-sex parents. We shelter those who are victims of the sex abuse scandal. We talk openly about sexual and reproductive health. We speak out for the rights of workers. We stand with the poor. We ride buses with nuns. We cherish democracy. We strive for transparency. We follow our consciences. And we’ve done this all regardless of who sits in the chair of St. Peter.”

[Kate Childs Graham, CTA Board Member]

[Call To Action is a Catholic movement working for equality and justice in the church and society. For more information, visit   www.cta-usa.org]


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