Bioviva: board game fun


Bioviva came out in the late 1990’s and being a fan of board games, it joined my small collection. We’ve been playing it with my mum-in-law after digging it out the loft last year.

Game play is really simple: roll the die, move in a straight line in any direction. You land on a square with colours representing different terrains in that part of the world (sea, temperate forest, dessert etc).

If you answer the multiple choice question correct you get to see how many tokens to pick up of that colour. All the questions are on nature, human biology, geography, environmental issues. I watch a lot of the Discovery Channel so I quickly got in the lead with questions on naked mole rats and sharks!

At the beginning of the game you get a random card that tells you how many of each colour tokens you have to collect to win.

After treking around the world I managed to come last even knowing what the name of fossilised poo was. Ahh well…. so that was my Easter!


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