Health Service coughs up

Today I went here. No, not to see some sexy firemen – this is the new sleep centre for the Royal Brompton in London.


The train assistance didn’t quite work out so well as one train didn’t have an accessible carriage. Then on the one home the accessible carriage had its doors jammed stuck so there was no access to that part. I sat by the doors.


What happened in between the two journeys was brilliant. I can’t cough as my muscles are too weak. A machine exists – a cough assist – which help you cough and get rid of the gunk that sits in your throat. It can save you going into hospital or choking especially if you get a bug or chest infection. They are like gold dust so I didn’t think they’d give me one as they cost about 4K. I had a good assessment and actually came home with one! Amazing as I’ve told my docs I’ve been choking for years and never even got an assessment. I am very very happy!


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