Premier mistake – another accessible toilet changing room?

Dear Premier Inn,

Yesterday we were looking for wheelchair accessible accommodation in Chichester and for the Chichester Gate Premier Inn, found the following shocking review on trip advisor. (See below).

Staff had (according to the reviewer) offered them the use of the accessible disabled toilet to use as a changing room because they needed to get changed for a wedding! This was to make up for the fact the room might not have been ready when the reviewer required it (earlier than check in time). The guest was very pleased about this. I was not.

I am assuming that the staff would not consider locking off the usual men’s or women’s WC so they could be used as a changing room? This might inconvenience guests who needed to use the toilet facilities …. but it was considered ok for disabled guests to not be able to use the toilet?

Disabled people who perhaps need quick and convenient access to a toilet more so than other guests because of the nature of their impairment?

Needless to say, we did not choose Premier Inn for our accommodation.




4 thoughts on “Premier mistake – another accessible toilet changing room?

  1. Hi Donna, I do apologise for any concern this review caused. I would like to highlight that the only reason the guests were offered the disabled toilet was due to the size , there would be very few guests in the hotel as this was prior to our check in time. Guests attending the Premier Inn would generally have a room booked & all rooms are ensuite, if for any reason urgent access to a public toilet was required, the team would have acted immediately & I am sure the guest using the facilities would have understood the situation & cooperated fully. If you have any concerns or question, please do not hesitate to contact us at Thank you. The Premier Inn Team

  2. Thank you for your reply Premier Inn. I personally feel that if I need the toilet I should not have to declare this to someone on reception (for example) and have the further embarrassment of having to wait for the wedding guests to be evicted from the toilet and feel like it is me that is in the wrong rather than them! I am guessing they would be equally unhappy with being told to come out of the toilet.

    As you can see from a previous blog post – the exact same thing happened to me where I had to wait for a wedding guest to finish changing at a service station’s accessible toilet – again staff had let them use it and in reality couldn’t just ‘evict’ them mid change!

    Whilst it may have been at a time when people in general were less likely to be in the hotel, clearly the wedding party were arriving early and all toilets should have been equally available to all and at all times?

    I wonder what other disabled people think?

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