Ban disabled parking bays

My post on ‘Ban disabled parking bays’ …

If there is one thing that gets a disabled person’s blood boiling quicker than a roofer claiming disability living allowance/PIP – it’s disabled parking (or accessible parking).

It gets me hot and bothered – but I don’t go on about it every day like some disabled people. Life is too short….

That said, as it’s something I havn’t had a good moan about lately. As such, I’ve found myself motivated to do a blog by a comment I’ve just read, in response to an article in a local paper. The article was about a policewoman parking her police car in a blue badge parking space to pop into a shop for refreshments.

That wasn’t the thing that got to me (as bad as that is when other spaces were available).

It was the comment from a member of the public who claims an all too common misconception regarding what equality is – the same for everyone.

“Anyone should be able to park in any space available in any car park. There shouldn’t be priority parking for anyone. Surely having these type of parking bays is discrimination?”  [kentman123,Kentonline, 30/5/2013]

…. read more.

Blue badge abuseBay abuse at my wheelchair clinic.



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