A day with the ducks


Having picked up an antique measuring thingy from Kew, we spent the rest of the afternoon just up the road at the Wetland centre.

We slightly missed the turning but arrived there about 1pm and headed straight in for lunch. The entrance to the area is via a little wood bridge and each plank and metal fixing jogged my wobbly body all over the place. I entered with hubs holding my head, inching forward at about 0.1 mph.

Once in, most paths are Tarmac, smooth stone or boardwalk type surfaces. We walked round all afternoon in the sun enjoying the ducks and catching a glimpse of the otters.

Disappearing act

There is a round tower that has different levels to the hide to look out from. In the centre is a lift or the stairs. I tootled off and saw a lady getting out of the lift so I quickly went in whilst the doors were open. Then the doors closed and I waited for hubs to press the lift button behind me. Suddenly I realised that I was on my own! He had seen something to photograph and when he turned around I’d disappeared. 30 seconds is a long time to be sat in a lift going nowhere and unable to get out. I had a little panic thinking hubs might have thought I’d fallen in the water or something. Then the door opened. He found me and we had a good chuckle đŸ™‚


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