Isle of Wight – Day 1 Godshill

We were about 5 miles from Godshill – named as such because it is claimed the church foundations were to be placed where a pub now sits … but overnight the stones were miraculously moved to the top of the hill.  We arrived late in the day with the aim of having a pub lunch, looking around the shops and visiting the model village which had got 5 star ratings on Trip Advisor. I also downloaded every App available for the Isle of Wight just to make sure we had some digital information on hand. I’m sorry I did thought because they all turned out to be rather rubbish.

We dodged the busy traffic (pavement was hit and miss up the street) weaving between pavement and narrow road. Some of the shops had already closed on the way up so people were hiding out in the remaining tea shop that was open. We went up the hill and found the cottages, then onto the church and we had it all to ourselves pretty much.  A sign on the church said a ramp was available behind the organ to get in – but Kevin couldn’t see it. I sat in the porch and took pictures of gravestones.



Anyway, the Model Village said it was open until 6 in late July and that is what we had aimed to see. We went on the 14th of July but at 4.45 was told it was closing at 5… so not late enough.

We headed back down the dodgy road (a bit scary) and into the pub for tea. My small portion was huge and I happily munched through a pile of nachos and a cauliflower and ‘something or other’ cheese crumble. It was baking hot with temperatures of 27-30 degrees all week.

So that was day 1. We headed back to our holiday cottage to melt a little bit more.


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