Isle of Wight Day 2 – Calbourne Water Mill

Day two was a hang onto your head day.  We drove along military road which is enough to give you a concussion, and then miles around country lanes which fortunately had very little traffic. It would seem that not many people take these roads – understandable given their condition! My neck was cracking and paining and the sun was throwing everything she had at us.

So we went here for the day – Calbourne Water Mill

Calbourne Mill

My heart was whooping with delight at the entrance sign advertising scrummy looking sweet and savoury pancakes and all day breakfasts in their cafe. Starved and shaken up, we headed in.

Pancake sign

We got the carer’s discount (always nice) and dived into the modern restaurant/cafe in the grounds.

“I’ll have an all day breakfast pancake please.”

“We aren’t cooking pancakes today.”

“Oh, what about the all day breakfast…”

“Were not doing them either today.”

We were gutted to say the least. I had a run of the mill cornish pasty and chips and Kevin had a pricey sandwich. Not the best of starts.

What a strange place.

The whole place is rather odd. An eclectic mix of dusty farm machinery, rotten wood harvesters and wagons, with a few shed/workshops being used for pottery making and the like.

As you walk through the sheds, you look up and pray nothing falls on your head as the roof underside is covered in saws and other agricultural blades held on by rickety metal studs.

Scary sheds

The main attraction are the peacocks – I spent the afternoon stalking them for a photo whilst Kevin wandered around. I couldn’t really get around the mill so this kept me amused. I stalked one around the small war museum building complete with a resin cast of Churchill (as in PM not the dog – although both are quite jowly and the resin cast didn’t show him in the best of health).  One came up to check out my knees – so he made it into my photo montage.


As we got back into the car, Kevin found his camera he couldn’t find before we went in. So he went back in to take some photos before we did the wobbly journey back home to our holiday cottage. It was a relief to be able to speak to the cottage owner and get the wifi password to connect to the world. Usually you get a folder with all the details in like nearest shops, petrol stations, manuals for the house equipment etc. This one was disappointing as the only thing we had was a notice board where the prominent sign was to make sure that if you are pregnant you don’t sit in the hot tub for more than 10minutes unless you are aiming to induce your baby… not the most helpful of info really for the average holiday maker.


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