Isle of Wight – Day 5. The Model Village

Having missed out on seeing the Model Village, we trundled back up the country lanes to Godshill.

The Model Village is at the end of the main road through Godshill so we had to play ‘dodge the traffic’ again when walking from the carpark.

This a little gem and had rave reviews on TripAdvisor – to which I once again added a positive review.

Model Village Street

We spent a good few hours winding around the paths and peering down to see what the little characters were doing. The souvenir guide is a bargain £1 and children can do a ‘spot the …’ quiz in it. Adults can marvel at the facts about each scene, how it was made and trying to spot the naughty little people hidden innocently amongst the village.

The landscaping is an art in itself with beautiful bonsai trees – also to scale which give a very realistic feel to the models. The amount of attention to detail and work that has gone into keeping the village looking so good for over 60 yrs is stunning.

Miniature figures dancing

The little people get up to all sorts with some traditional pastimes represented like Morris Dancing, Cricket on the lawn and Scout/Guiding. All the little people don’t seem to have eyes which was quite funny – and I think this lady was supposed to be a tourist in the Model Village inside the Model Village – all to scale. I’m not sure what that says about the tourists around here….. eh hmmm.

Small female figure



One thought on “Isle of Wight – Day 5. The Model Village

  1. oh wow amazing little models, we have one close to where we live, never been has my children all was at an age where they might be no models left on leaving hahaha, might take them to see our little model village now they getting older. Tourists huh lol… someone give the model people back their eyes hahaha

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