Trekking into Darkness

Last night I went out for an hour to try and spot some meteors. Being part reptile I sat out on the decking with my slanket and coat on… oh and my electric heat pad on max. Feet up on a stool, chair on full tilt and recline, I had a reasonable view of a quarter of the sky in a westerly direction.


At 10:14 I saw the bright glow of the International Space Station flying past. It’s quite amazing to think there are people living on that bright ball of light flying overhead. Stupid, I know, but you can’t ignore the urge to wave!

Eventually I saw a flicker of light. For a milli second I got all exited… over a plane. The same happened for the next plane, and the next. Eventually I saw my first meteor. I’d forgotten how fast they flash across the sky.

Over the hour I saw two good ones and a third faint shimmer out of the corner of my eye.

In the background our new hedgehog residents were noisily shuffling around the garden so I was in good company.

This was the first year I’d had my tilt in space and recline functions on my chair and I can confirm it makes for much easier stargazing.

Mission accomplished. Until next year, so long Perseids.


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