Hurrah….. oh S*@!

Two weeks ago today was supposed to be a day of celebrations and great joy. My special profiling bed was arriving which was the end result of a 2 year battle with the National Health Service [NHS] to supply one.

You can read all about that nightmare on my formal blog.

Anyway, my bed arrived and all was hunky dory. On the same day, I had my ventilator (Nippy ST+) serviced. Basically all that happens is someone visits and checks it’s blowing correctly/calibrated and that’s that. However, my vent had blown its way through 10,000 hours. That’s a lot of puffing so it has to go back to base for a full service. It was swapped with one which was the same model, set up on the same settings and that was that.

Then a nightmare… as soon as I switched it on in the evening I knew by breath two that something was very wrong. It went crazy and was blowing in far too much. When I went to bed it was blowing every 2 seconds and I was hyperventilating. It would calm down a bit and then go banannas. Not only that but on every breath it made a dreadful sound like a dying hoover that had sucked up a whistle. The noise was torture in itself.

We had a dreadful night and it made me feel quite ill. On Sunday we called the emergency support line and the engineers came out first thing Monday. They couldn’t figure it out and declared it posessed. I was given another replacement and that one went back to be serviced. It took me the best part of the week to get over that and getting a virus didn’t help. Two weeks later I’m almost back to normal…. hurrah.



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