Playing Ticket To Ride

Yesterday the sky was dark and throwing down lots of wet stuff. A good day for a Kevin and Louise day – a day doing something together.

Yesterday was board games and pizza.

First off was The Logo Board Game. Kevin thinks it should be called the “how well do you know sweets and biscuits” board game. Lets just say I won that one.

Next was Ticket To Ride.


The game play takes a few goes to understand but this Days of Wonder game is my favourite. Firstly it’s about railway journeys (good start) and second you can play on different maps.

We played the European map today.

To play a turn you aim to put down a specific number of train carriages (each player has lots of these playing pieces) between two places, next to each other.

So to claim the route London to Edinburgh, below, requires you to put down four carriages.


So what about the colours for this route? This is where collecting coloured cards comes into it. On your turn you can choose to pick up 2 coloured cards from a random selection.

This 4 carriage route is orange or black so you would have to collect (and give away) either 4 orange or 4 black cards to play this route.

So the game is about collecting cards of specific colours, to lay down train carriages and complete routes.

How do you win the game?

Every time you play a route from one station to the next, you score points for it. You can complete whole journeys for even more points like laying carriages all the way from France to Russia. You will need a lot of different coloured cards and lots of turns to go all this way from station to station!

Of course, other players can try to guess where you are going and steal your route! Once that bit of track has gone it’s gone!

Each player also has some destination cards – these are journeys you must complete before the end of the game. If you don’t you forfeit points!

There are a few other parts to the game but that’s the basic idea.


The game requires you to pick up cards, read place names and handle small playing pieces – reaching across the board. It is possible to play using a card holder and someone laying down your playing pieces. This is how I play. There is no dice needed.

The game uses colours but also has symbols for those who can’t differentiate colours. It would translate well into a tactile board but I have not seen a version for those who have a visual impairment.

Touch versions exist to play using a smart phone or iPad which are excellent and a great way to play. You can also play online via the web or buying the game for PC/Mac. I also have all electronic versions as I like it so much.

I lost yesterday … maybe next time!


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