How grippy is a grippy floor?


Seeing as Christmas means a week off work, it would be a good time to put a floor in our bathroom. We have lived on temporary flooring since moving in several years ago.

Choosing has been tricky. We know that we can transfer manually in most accessible public toilets – so we wanted the same type of stuff. Flooring needs to be grippy but not too grippy or my feet stick like glue and I can’t pivot turn. Not enough grip and I do a Bambi on ice impression. Lots of none slip flooring is actually very slippery for folks like me.

So, we spent some time at a carpet and flooring unit in Folkestone looking at samples. The flooring they used themselves felt very good touching it with fingers on the sampler so we tried standing on it. I knew as soon as my feet touched the floor that it felt slippery and was no good. Clearly, how the samples feel compared to standing on it are two different things.

Next up we were shown some off cuts and Kevin spotted some blue Altro flooring (the top range of all things grippy). So we were left alone to try that out. Our shenanigans were being broadcast to the front desk via colour CVTV. I stripped off my two layers of thermal socks (I can only stand in bare feet) and we gave it a go. Anyway, it felt good under my feet – so we came away with our new blue flooring. Success.

After a pit stop to buy a Christmas present we went to Dobbies Garden Centre on J9 of the M20. The service in the cafe just to get two drinks was appalling! 13 minutes to serve 3 customers some drinks. The drinks were very poor as they didn’t know how to make them and they were made in the wrong proportions! We just wanted to get one mocha and one chocolate orange! Useless. Flavoured water was the result.

So, that was our day.


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