Aquascaping – my first planted tank for shrimp.


I used to have some freshwater shrimp (Neocaridina) in my community Biorb aquarium with my fish. However, they all died last summer in the heatwave and I missed watching them. They are such interactive little things, always busy and full of character so I decided to set up a tank especially for them.

I discovered something called aquascaping – creating landscapes and beautiful underwater habitats or scenes. Some of them are amazing – take a look at these!

I wanted a jungle theme and spent months reading and asking people who enjoy aquascaping and keeping shrimp. Hurrah for internet forums!!

My Tank set up

  • 25L Cube (Aquael tank) with tap water. (Less than 12 inch cube).
  • Low tech (No feeding with C02) and lightly planted
  • External filter – Eheim Aquacompact 60
  • Cooler – D-D DC300
  • Total costs of my tank (plus maintenance items, tools etc) £536
  • Shrimps …. to come!


Fluval Shrimp substrate on top of Tropica Plant Growth Substrate (Soil) in case I want to plant tanks into soil. Also some Unipac Granite Sand on the base perimeter to hide the soil somewhat.


Annubias (a plant that you tie to wood/stone (not planted), Java Moss, Weeping moss (Vesicularia Ferriei) and also another moss Taxiphyllum barbieri.


Redmoor Wood (to make the tree) and Red Canyon Rock, tank ornament and half a coconut shell.

I also bought various tubing, connectors, test kits, water syphon, starter bacteria to cycle to the tank and aquascaping tools.


Weekly maintenance: I plan to do 25% water change and some algae removal. I am using Purigen to help polish the water (makes it nice and clear and as if shrimp are swimming through air).

I hope to finish cycling this week, connect up the cooler and order my shrimp.

I might do some more blogs about the set up what I’ve learnt so far.


3 thoughts on “Aquascaping – my first planted tank for shrimp.

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