Lost one shrimp but the other 7 doing well…



Shrimp Day + 3 daysIMG_9810

Yesterday I lost one shrimp – one of my red ones I think. Today the head count is 7/8 and they seem happy pootling around investigating everything and munching the algae. I gave them some shrimp food – a small pellet yesterday but they moved quickly back to foraging algae.

They are also growing and shedding – we already found and empty skin case, so that was a clean healthy moult (picture above).

The netting and canvas you can see is how I grew a lawn on my tank floor – plastic canvas from hobby craft, a hair net over it and moss pushed inside. Over time all the moss will poke through and provide a lush carpet. This area is at the back of my tank, behind the statue, with least light – so might not grow totally. The shrimps never seem to get tangle up or anything – they kind of tip toe over like little fairies!


My water parameters seem good – and the water is already getting much softer according the general hardness measurements (we live in a very hard water area). So far so good.


All lush and low levels of algae. Some brown type creeping back on my Anubia (more about these lovely plants in my next post) – but still pretty bright.



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