Marle Place


Just over 30 minutes from us is Marle Place. We spent a Sunday afternoon wandering around the gardens, woods and orchards. It costs £6.50 for adults and wheelchair users get in free. However, we were charged for my entry. It’s a strange policy as it’s pretty accessible on powered wheels and specifying only wheelchair users gain free entry as opposed to disabled people in general is somewhat strange. Neither did their website mention access on their visitor info web page.

Anyway, hidden in the web text was a mention of access and a ‘wheelchair friendly lavatory’. Personally I’ve never met a rude loo but there we go.


We meandered across lawns and I bumped over tree roots through woods. They have an art gallery and a range of sculptures in the grounds. It was a shame there was no information about the works.


My favourite part was the chickens. They posed for me to try out my zoom lens and very good subjects they made too!

We ended our walk with a cup of tea and cake in the tea shop.


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