Easter Sunday at Bredgar and Wormshill Light Railway



Easter Sunday was a misty, rainy, damp day and the drive up to Bredgar and Wormshill Light Railway in Kent was like a scene out of Jurassic Park. Up a hill, mist rolling around the distant tree tops, drizzly … then past fields of long grass. However, not a single raptor did I spot so we found the railway and parked up in the designated field.

It’s only open on a few Sundays in the year – a private 2 foot gauge line on an estate that is definitely a big boy toy for enthusiasts. They built some stations, signal box, engine shed, workshop and a turntable to pootle down the line to a wood and back again.

Alas, no discounts this time – £10 for adults and £4 for our nephew. Not cheap really. The location is pleasant enough, with a toilet block, gift shop and cafe which told us the special was hot buttered toast for that day. Wow, I did manage to contain my excitement … and also my ‘here we go again’ face when someone in the cafe came to ask me how long did my batteries last.  I wondered how long his legs lasted on one charge but refrained from the intrusion of asking.



Anyway, first up James headed towards the engine shed. The main signpost goes to the stepped entrance. Eventually I walked back to the field we had just come from to the (not signposted) level back entrance. By the time I went in James was ready to come out!

They had a beam engine, traction engines and a model railway display, play table with trains and some automobiles.



Next up we went on the train – just down the line and back again. I could get on via a ramp to the middle of the carriage but not inside the totally covered bit.

The bluebells in the woods were nice, and if it had been a nice day, there was plenty of picnic benches in the wood.

By the end of the day, the weather was really closing in and I sheltered whilst James had his last train ride.


All the facilities were pretty good – clean and they had an accessible toilet (although it’s not mentioned on their website – Kevin phoned to ask as they don’t mention access at all).

So that was Easter Sunday 2014.




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