How good looking is a shrimp?

Blue shrimp



Shrimp quality – colours and patterns of freshwater shrimp

About these shrimp

These are my three blue shrimp. The colour intensity, pattern, segments/leg colouring and tail variations are what make a shrimp a good one (and it’s pedigree). These were bought as ‘Dream Blue’ shrimp: Neocaridina davidi. [formally known as Neocaridina heteropoda Var. Blue Dream]

*Neocaridina is the genus and davidi is the species.

  • Males are generally smaller and paler than female shrimp.
  • These are still quite young and colour will enhance as they grow older, when they live in darker surroundings and if fed with good food.

These are C-SKY shrimp – the company is based in Taiwan and are experts in high quality shrimp, selling world wide.

I think they are also called Blue Velvet and Fantasy Blue or even Blue Velvet Jelly.

Video of my blue shrimp.

Unless they colour up I would say mine aren’t looking very medium to high grade! Also, I have searched the internet and nowhere can I find a Dream Blue with orange eyes (orange eyes seem to only be on Blue Tiger shrimp?). Maybe a Tiger made it into my batch – who knows! Maybe it’s a new shrimp and worth a fortune? Either way, he is here to stay.

Grades of shrimp

These little guys are a mutation of Rili shrimp (more about them another time) and vary a lot in the intensity and colouring.

From the highest to the lowest for Cherry shrimps – grades go something like this:

  • Painted Fire Red (no flaws, solid colour for body and legs)
  • Fire Red High
  • Fire Red Low
  • Sakura
  • Low (might have red spots or be colourless with colourless legs).

Mine are Sakura grade. This means, for example in a Cherry Red, I can expect most of the body and legs to be red, a few spots or stripes on part of their body for females, and males could be anywhere from colourless up to this grade.

Most people just want pretty shrimp, spotty, stripy – doesn’t really matter if they have a few ‘blemishes’ does it?



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