Blue badge parking abuse complaint gets a response!

Tesco Express.


I stopped off for petrol at the Tesco Express on the Tonbridge Road – and low and behold a skip and other stuff appeared to be in the only blue badge parking bay.

So, I took a photo and sent it via Twitter to Tesco straight away (and the blue badge name and shame Twitter account). Despite telling them where the store was and providing geo location they said they couldn’t find it. So I went to Google and typed in Tesco Express, Tonbridge Road, Maidstone and up it popped in their own store locator lol. So I sent them details of their store and they apologised for the bay abuse and would look into it – the store has now had a phone call apparently to point out the problem.

Hurrah – maybe something will get done – time will tell!

Twitter is great for this sort of thing as a BBC article today also points out!

More abuse

The bay abuse didn’t stop there because whilst trying to get back to my car at Fremlin Walk Car Park, a stupid woman pulled up in a 4×4 vehicle, swung round into a blue badge bay in front of us – parking at an angle, half in the bay and the other half completely covering the safe pedestrian walkway. Not knowing what she was doing, my PA had to help me navigate round the car, into oncoming car park traffic. All because the woman couldn’t be bothered to walk to the pay booth. Ignorant selfish *&(@£.





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