Patter of tiny shrimp feet.


Good news and bad in my shrimp tank. I lost one of my Rilli today which wasn’t happy whilst moulting – then shed it’s skin and died! However, on the plus side, yesterday I discovered two berried shrimp (shrimp carrying fertilised eggs).

Here is a video showing her fanning her eggs – which are green (but the babies won’t be – that’s just the egg colour).

Once a female has shed her skin, this releases a pheromone into the water and drives the guys crazy! After a blink of the eye meeting belly to belly, the female passes her eggs from the saddle (top of their body that looks like a horse saddle) through the sperm to the lower part of its body.

The eggs develop underneath her and in 30-40 days (hopefully) I should have lots of baby shrimps.

I like the way they are ‘radioactive green’ in colour lol.




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