No Sh*t Sherlock – Researching the obvious.

Four months ago I participated in the following research…

“A questionnaire study examining how psychological factors impact on quality of life and mood in people with muscle conditions”

Firstly, it’s about time that people stopped focusing on the physical part of living with dystrophy and looked at the emotional impact. Mental well being is terribly overlooked. I thought to myself, this was finally being taken seriously.

However, a number of participants have been less than impressed by this research and fear it may turn into a report that merely states the obvious.



Here was one particular ridiculous question.

1) Let me think – is my life ideal? Yes is probably as good as it can be given the extent that MD affects me. However, is my life ideal? No, because it would be far better without MD!

2) Same as the above – define ‘excellent’ life conditions. If I wake up alive I consider it a good day and a most excellent start. Generally though, having MD does not make any day ‘excellent’ – I wouldn’t recommend it.

3) Am I satisfied with life? Ehm, in what sense? What does it mean to be satisfied? I’m warm, happy, content, not in continuous pain, loved, live in a nice place, fed and watered and in communication with the world around me – that’s pretty good?

4) I wouldn’t change anything about life if I could do it again?

This is a huge philosophical question. Would the said replaying of life still mean I had MD – or can I change my life starting from when I inherited MD at the point of conception? If I had to live it again with MD – would my life still be in the same country, to the same family, with the same education, forming the same friendships etc?

I can think of people I’d rather not have known, who have been a bad influence – but without future vision, I wouldn’t know it at the time and might still be acquainted with them – or do I get to delete them from my second life?

If I knew the NHS was going to be crap …. I could have started saving earlier for private treatment or equipment. I would have started applying for a wheelchair and profiling bed 3 years before I needed one so it arrived on time.

Are we talking more about a parallel universe with infinite combinations of my life?

Surely we could all think of some things to change if we started again and see if it was any better (not that you’d know unless your remembered life number 1)? A lot of how good life is depends on luck, chance, random influences – or maybe even faith in a path already planned to some extent? Ground Hog Day is proof of what can happen with just one day slightly tweaked!  Opportunities might be worse the second time around? Life is full of ‘should have, could have’ …. change one thing and everything after it could be altered for better or worse.

The fact is, I have the life I have. There is no option to live it again … so why bother even thinking about it! In fact, thinking about it only wastes the time I do have.

So, I’m probably thinking too deeply about this – but that’s just me. I couldn’t pick an answer.

I came to the conclusion that I would change ‘having MD’ to ‘not having MD’ for my second attempt at life – if only to avoid filling out stupid questionnaires like this one!



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