My Anubias flowered yesterday.

My favourite plant in my tank is Anubias var. nana bonsai. i.e. A small Anubias.

Without algae it is bright green and started off, looking like this 4 months ago.


It’s classed as a slow grower but mine has taken off like crazy. They don’t need much light and because they are a rhizome plant, you don’t put them under the soil. Mine are held down by a stone and hairnet on too of the substrate. The rhizome is the main stem and it then sends roots into the soil. The rhizome has a growing tip which will push along and from it new leaves will form.


It soon loses it’s bright green when hair algae attached to it – but it’s hard to keep them clean and shrimp like browsing the algae.

This is the flower that shot up in about a week.


I have a hole on one leaf which is a sign of rich organic material around the rhizome ( so a water, filter change or a hoover).

There is also a thought that breaking a leaf at the rhizome releases toxins into an aquarium but many say this is a myth.


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