Dungeness RSPB reserve and lighthouse

Saturday was a scorcher – just right to visit Dungeness as it’s probably freezing any other time of the year.

First stop was the RSPB reserve.


The entrance drive/path is horrifically bumpy if you have low muscle tone – and very long. We paid a grand total of £2 to get in (the soon to disappear concession rate) plus assistants go free. The visitor centre was rather nice with a gift shop and glass front overlooking the main water of the reserve. You could sit and use the telescope/binocular view finders to watch the comings and goings. Many different birds if you know what you are looking at.

I tried out my iPhone zoom lens to look over to the nuclear power station.


We then had a wander around.

Paths are small shingle bumpy and hides are accessible (you can drive to them if you ask). Hides are great but not for arachnophobes like me. I managed to go inside a few. They did get stuffy in the heat and a bit dusty. This us the view from one.


For me the best attraction was watching butterflies i’d never seen before.



Next we drove down the road to Dungeness lighthouse.

What a weird place. Shingle, succulent cabbage type plants and the bumpiest board walk I’ve ever rolled across. I can quite honestly say I won’t ever be going back there. There are also these cabins / houses that are a cross between a dreary beach hut and a large garden shed, dotted around the grass shrub. The sort serial killers or zombies live in. A ‘shop’ was selling mystical gifts and there were a few boats.



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