Shrimp death sadness

On Thursday my Rilli (Red shrimp with transparent bands) known as Mrs Perfect, turned opaque within 24 hrs and died.


The next day Munchkin died and Mr Spotty Legs is missing and presumed dead. One of my blue ones has gone terribly pale and I have only one mature Rilli left with lots of babies.

so what happened

It’s one of three things that leads to opaque shrimp, from what I’ve read. The colour is caused by tissue necrosis.

1) Sudden shock from a change in water conditions or injury.
2) bacterial infection
3) Fungus infection

My water parameters have been stable. I drip fed them rainwater last week over a few days which lowered the TDS but that is all. All were munching and browsing until they died. I’m ruling out sudden shock.

Bacterial infections tend to slow down shrimps and give them lack of appetite . No obvious signs of illness apart from the sudden opaque tissue.

So, without a microscope I’ll never know. I did another filtered rainwater change and will try dosing with API Melafix. It’s a natural treatment to help fight infections. General antibiotics can only be prescribed from a vet in the UK and would cost a fortune. In the USA you can get some over the counter :-(.

I’m also going to try Seachem Paraguard. This treats external parasites that might have led to shell damage and infections getting in. They won’t say whether it’s shrimp safe but some shrimp keepers use it ok and it breaks down after 24 hrs.

So wish me luck!


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