Plymouth Aquarium: Turtle + fish = good times.

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Want to visit an aquarium that’s got good access, good food and easy viewing – then this is the one for you.

If you’re looking for a¬†‘shark tunnel’ and want to touch stingrays – try somewhere else.

If you want a stuffed toy choice of every sea creature imaginable – the gift shop will appeal.

If you’re planning a Sharknado party – this is the place to stock up on¬†all things shark.

If you want to wait 20 minutes for the¬†Sea Turtle to wake up from it’s regular snooze and swim¬†into view for a few minutes, then this challenge is¬†for you.

Remember folks …. Fish are Friends …. and plastic bags kill our sea life. (Yes you will be told this several times on your way round :-p … although¬†your stuffed toy may well be offered in a plastic¬†bag to carry home).


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