Arrival of snails


It is said that shrimps benefit from living in habitats that would naturally have other creatures – so I bought some snails. I read somewhere that snail poo in the water is beneficial for shrimps so I thought I’d add some to my tank. Also, my fish community in the lounge had a terrible algae problem – and I had a plan to naturally restrict the algae quantity using algae munching snails.

These snails cost around £2.50-3.00 and don’t breed when kept in freshwater (they need slightly salty water to breed).

I chose three types of nerites (aquatic snails).

  • Clithon Diadema (Zebra Thorn snail)
  • Vittina semiconic (Indonesia Red Onion Snail aka Orange Track aka Dot Snail)
  • Sulawesi Yellow Diamond Nerite

My Zebra lasted 24 hrs and although introduced into the water the same way you introduce fish, he still died. I did dose with Melafix to boos my new shrimp and also Paraguard (which some keepers says is invert safe) so maybe this was the problem.

My Sulawesi snails are doing well – one in my shrimp tank and the others in the fish tank.

The best ones of all are the Onion snails – and after a week, they have almost cleared the thick algae cover across the front half of the tank. They are known for being amazing munching machines and are living up to expectation! They like 20-27 degree C of heat so ideal for fish or shrimp tanks and a pH of around 6.7-8.  They eat decaying plants and left over fish food too – so win win!

Here is one of them having a munch – watch its bony ‘teeth’ munching away.





5 thoughts on “Arrival of snails

  1. Those are some cool looking snails. Shame about the Zebra though. I have an onion, zebra, and a black thorn. I did have a yellow rabbit as they are good for turning the substrate but he died after only a year. My zebra has lasted me 2, pushing on 3 years, so he’s a bit chipped – I didn’t even know it was possible for snails to live that long. What is the snail in the bottom right photo, it’s really pretty?

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