Killing worms, planeria and hydra


Parasitic worms can attach to a shrimp’s nose and burrow into their brain.  I dosed this shrimp with Panacur. It is also used to kill hydra and planeria.

Panacur – 222mg/gm solution of fenbendazole.


A 1g sachet, divided into 20 portions for a dose. A portion is therefor 0.05 g of the powder per 5 US gallon tank is mixed with tank water. I estimated the dose by using a 0.05g measuring spoon for one dose in my 25 l tank.

Stir and mix well as its not very soluble.

I dosed a portion into the tank every every day for 2 days.

All shrimp plus newborns and my Nerite survived.

So far, no more worms!


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