Using Dragonstone Rock 

Dragonstone (also known as Ohko stone or Honeycomb rock) looks great but, as I discovered, needs to be prepared for a tank.

It’s a beautiful rock that is said to resemble dragon scales – orange, brown and yellow with hints of bluey grey in places. The rock has many pits and holes that remind me of Swiss cheese!

It doesn’t affect pH but may break down over time.

This is my rock after hours of cleaning which I’ve detailed below. 


The rock arrived in a large block. It easily shatters into smaller pieces . My first attempt involved throwing it onto the ground! Second time around I used a chisel for a flatter break.

It will probably arrive ‘dirty’ and needs to be cleaned. Prepare to get dirty!


Next I soaked it overnight in water. Imagine the hard rock is the skeleton and soft clay fills all the holes so you see what appears to be a block of rock without the deep pits and holes.

With a toothpick or similar, you need to scratch at the rock to remove the chalky clay filling. It feels like unearthing dinosaur fossils!

This is the colour my water turned on its first dunk after soaking! The stone looks good after being picked at.


Picking away all the crumbly soft clay parts of the rock.


Sometimes the rock fractures or is so soft you can poke right through it with no pressure at all.

It took three bowls of water to rinse it well. 

On the plus side it is a great natural cave for shrimp and for anchoring moss. It’s also light weight.

On the down side it took 2 hrs to prepare and crumbles easily.


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