Not easy but I voted

Last general election I walked to our tin pot shed of a village hall to vote. It was a bumpy walk involving lots of crossing the road to find dropped curbs. There are about two parking spaces at the hall which is why I decided to walk but it wasn’t something I wanted to repeat again. Even worse was the 90 degree turn to get in the door from the ramp – and a door lip that my assistant had to half lift me over. 

So this year I thought I’d try the easy way and apply for a postal vote. What a faff that turned out to be. I didn’t realise the process took so long or I’d have applied sooner. My card said to phone the local helpline to register. After waiting several minutes listening to rubbish music I was told they’d printed the wrong information and I had to apply on line.

Next I had to download the form, print it, fill it in and post it! I didn’t have time to mail it so heard I could email it. It took all day to find this out. I had to email my local registration place and ask where to send it. In the end I received an address, took a photo and hit send.

I heard nothing to say they had received it. My papers came in the end – not an easy process all in all.


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