Shrimp / fry net box – my thoughts.


So I wanted to catch my shrimp, and hold them in one place whilst I did the new tank (and have a holding place to breed shrimp separate from the main tank inhabitants).  This was £3 (16x13x12cm) from eBay and when assembled was pretty good for the price. The net was fine and easily went around the frame and it hung on my tank fine. I liked how easy it was to assemble, felt study enough, and you could take off the bag to wash it out.

However, what I didn’t realise was that the shrimp could get stuck between the net and the frame – you know how they are so curious they crawl around anything. So when I thought the were all out of the net – they were hiding under it (and at this point out of the tank and about to be stored away in my cupboard!). Shrimp crawled between the grooves of the frame and wouldn’t come out without a lot of hassle.

So, I think for large adults, it would be ok as a mating box, but smaller shrimp, they can easily trap themselves or wedge themselves out of view.

It is a good little basket for growing out moss – put in a little from a new plant, and it can grow to the amount you need for a project without escaping – so thumbs up for plants, thumbs down for shrimp.


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