About me

I blog about life and the things I love.

  • Places I’ve visited
  • Wildlife in my garden (including web cam footage)
  • My shrimp aquarium / planted tank.
  • Playing board games
  • Some disability related things including inventions and work arounds I’ve discovered.
  • Current disability topics.

Key words that make me ME are:

  • Human (*does a quick check)
  • Wife to a wonderful hubby
  • Living with Limb Girdle Muscular Dystrophy
  • Wobbly from head to toe
  • Wheelchair and ventilatornuser
  • Apple fan (not the fruit variety)
  • Believes in life before and after death
  • Rather fond of curry, cakes, Guinea pigs and gadgets
  • Love paper-craft – check out my art on Pinterest and my Etsy fundraising gift shop.

Other bits and pieces


  • I run ‘World of Accessible Toilets‘ on WordPress, Twitter and Facebook. Providing information about toilet access, equipment, hygiene and news.
  • I’ve written a chapter of a book – Social Care with Adults and spent my working life in social work/social care and social work education.




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