I only wanted to write about dead people.

I load up Mac Family Tree which I’ve been using for years and years. Their forums are filled with ‘please can we have a note taking feature that is not just ‘plain text’  linked to a person. You want to make research notes or write up about a person etc but it’s just not possible.

So I then decided to look around for applications that would help me make pretty looking notes and organise them in a way to help my research. Nothing too fancy but not just a plain old collection of post-its. It will ideally float on my desktop or run nicely in the background.

First stop, search the App store under ‘notes’. I nearly choke when the only one that looks pretty (yes looks are important when I use an App) costs £39.99.  It’s called Notebook and if you click the link you will see they start by saying ‘does this desktop look familiar’. I recalled how my old mac looked just like that and this is what I want to avoid – but not at that price? I am quite the ‘lets draw a flow chart or diagram’ sort of person and I tend to think in pictures and visual representations. This app lets me do just that. I then googled note taking apps and found one that mentioned several to think about from this good article:


So I trawled through each, watching the company videos and reading up about their software.

I like to purchase from companies who have a history of keeping their software updated and fresh so went to their blogs to get a feel for what they are working on. I am drawn to their recent posts and pause to read the blog entries for October the 6th. One starts “I have seen Steve Jobs as an inspiration for my entire life…”. It was a very touching account and my mind wanders…

Then back to the task at hand. I see a couple of other things that interest me like Mac Journal – and Together – both retail for $39.95 so I head over to google a price converter which turns out to be about £25.

I ideally wanted to spend about 69p or FREE… now this has turned into a considered purchase and my dead relatives are nowhere nearer to being found and logged. What’s more, it’s raining and my cup of tea has gone cold…


iPhone queuing

Last year iPhone 4 came out less than 24 hours before we were due to sail to Holland. This meant only one thing. I desperately wanted that fabby screen and camera and hadn’t pre ordered – so queuing it was.

The Bluewater queue this year

My PA got up in the middle of the night so I could get there at the crack of dawn. Ok, actually I got to Bluewater at 7 or 8. Can’t really remember. Think I was still asleep. The mall was silent with the odd security guard opening the doors for the Apple nuts. Oh yeah, that would include me, right. So I trundled to the Apple store bypassing the lines of people at the phone stores. Demand and supply wasn’t matching – we were about to get in line for what turned out to be about 6 or 7 hours. I can’t remember exactly how long. An eternity? It was baking hot under the mall glass roof, people were taking over half an hour to make the purchase and spirits were not that high! No great buzz just people quietly blogging on laptops and tweeting how many inches they had moved in the last hour.

I think the thing I remember most is, in the hundred deep queue, there were only a few females. I appeared to be the only wheelchair user so I scored a double hit on the minority scale.

By late afternoon, after nearly passing out from the free coffee and heatstroke, I returned home with my new phone. I just got one before they ran out.

Would I do it again? No way!

Was I glad I had the experience of an Apple queue – ooooh YES.

That’s one thing off my bucket list 🙂