Learning to play computer games

So I grew up with a Vic 20, C64 and Amiga. If you’re around 40 you’ll know that this meant repetitive strain injury waggling the joystick like crazy to make Daley Thompson run for gold.  Several joysticks later ….

Back in those days, you used a few basic keyboard buttons or a simple joystick (up, down, left, right and ‘fire’).

I had a go at Gameboy games in my teens – a whole 6 buttons to control and played the odd game on the original Nintendo – which was around 8ish? That’s where my experiences ended. I went to Uni and games were pretty much not on my todo list.


Recently I started playing games again. Sims3 interested me so I played a lot of that – point and click, I could cope with that.  20 years later I look into it in more detail to see what I might like to play and OH MY GOODNESS. What the hell do all these buttons do? The screens gone all 3D, everything is trying to kill me, I don’t know which way I’m facing or which direction to go.  Oh and now I’m dead. Start again.

I’m playing games on Steam, watching lots of Ginx TV and YouTube. I haven’t a clue what I’m doing but I’ve enjoyed what I’ve played so far. I feel accomplished just loading a game (nothing changes in that respect if you’ve experienced tape loading before).

I like survival games and crafting – oh yes I didn’t really know what crafting was, in fact, none of the ‘types of games’ meant anything. I had to learn what ‘Sandbox’ mode was and ‘Open World’ games. Some of the games had so many menus just to start them! In my day you just hit the space bar and away you went. Now you’ve got to memorise 20 keyboard commands, programme a games controller and learn a whole load of abbreviations.

It took me 4 hours to work out what RMB was. Right Mouse Button apparently. It’s a whole new language.

So, now I’ve bought my first controller. I’ve gone for the Steam one because it is very programmable – and I will need that because I can’t use my fingers enough to press certain buttons. With this one I can just programme the buttons I can reach. I’m hoping it will be quite accessible.

This thing has about 22 buttons and a track pad. WHAT was I thinking! So far I managed to launch a game with it … but couldn’t figure out how to programme in my killer moves and ended up closing it before I even took  a step forward. I need to do a lot of reading and fiddling to get the hang of this. On the plus side, I can press the buttons in most places and it looks cool on my desk. Wish me luck.







Pot V1.1

QVC is inviting me to update my pots and pans. I installed Pot version 1.1 and a huge clattering sound erupted. I think it crashed.