Reducing the cost of ‘disability’ – hands free drink invention.

It’s costly being a disabled person. Scope are running a campaign at the moment highlighting the costs people incur. Visit Scope UK: Extra Costs.

Here is how I saved myself a lot of money this week.

There are many types of costs but I’m looking at products and every day living items in this blog.

Day to day items that you need are often quite expensive and specialised – i.e. they are manufactured as ‘disability’ items.

This blog is about one such item – a system to enable someone to independently drink if they can’t move their arms or legs.

Here is an example of how disabled people like me (and their families) have to be usually quite creative in ‘doing it on the cheap’. It also shows you the mark up of items sold as ‘disability’ products that might be sold elsewhere for the general public.

So how do you reduce the costs of items that you need?

  • Be inventive
  • Make things yourself – up-cycle.
  • Make use of E-bay to source items or parts
  • Be prepared to spend many hours of research
  • Be creative
  • Know someone who’s good at making stuff or putting things together!


Cost of product: Drinkup Travel Lite – £98.00 GBP ex VAT

Items – Clamp for wheelchair, flexible arm, bottle holder, CamelBak Bottle (choice of 2 colours) and bottle adapter (long straw). Also some adaptors, allen keys and clips plus instructions.

My kit – £33.19

Drink_bottleclampI sourced my own items from Amazon one afternoon. Free delivery.

xhorizon – Goosneck Clamp Flexible Kit

  • 1 Flexible arm (this holds the straw near my mouth).
  • £13.95
  • I had a choice of colour – so a bonus find.

CamelBak Bottle – my choice of size and an array of colours

  • Eddy Tritan (which features a loop to tie onto my chair)
  • £11.94

CamelBak Trinkadapter (the long straw part).

  • £7.30


Total cost of the same items (bar a few ‘ties’ to hold the bottle to my chair) = £33.19


  • Saved £64.81
  • Wide choice of colours of all parts
  • Will benefit my husband having to hold a cup/straw to my lips every time I want a drink in the evening.
  • Works well (even when you can’t easily suck or bite to activate the straw)
  • Easy to clean and parts are affordable to replace.
  • Healthier living.





Lazarus Mobility / Collins Mobility warning to customers

Summary: This is a warning for potential customers of Lazarus Mobility now trading as Collins Mobility and online as The company is based in West Yorkshire, UK.

Mr Collins, who runs the company, said he could supply us with a product (Biobidet). The product shipped was not the product ordered (different make  – Blooming Bidet). It was returned in the same packaging, immediately, on the promise of a full refund.  It has taken many phone calls, letters and e-mails to get Mr Collins to pay us even a partial refund and he has not responded to a small claim court to recover the money owing (over £300).

Customer Service has been appalling and it is our opinion that Mr Collin’s attitude of  “I do it because I want to help people (having an impairment himself) ” is not enough to run a business appropriately and within the law.


A full refund was eventually made, settled out of court. Mr Collins continues to trade on E-bay under – and is currently listing this item as a ‘Blooming Biobidet’.  Blooming Bidets are manufactured in Korea by NCCM Corporation and sold to selected distributers around the world. They are not from the company ‘Biobidet’ brand as inferred by srcmobility.