I hate mushy FB posts that come into my timeline!

This was the ending of a LONG FB post (in an open group) from someone with the same impairment as me. It was 40 lines long!

Some other people I know, including my mother, ‘liked’ it so it popped up on my timeline and I just wanted to throw up.

I really can’t stand people who use FB as a personal confessional or positive thinking pulpit – and leave you with an ending like the one I read which went:

”┬áLife is a journey. It’s not all roses. Everyday, we must fight the good fight. One day may be bad, but tomorrow can always be good. We must take it one day at a time and not be so hard on ourselves or our caregivers. We’re all imperfect, but we’re all going to be okay. Yes, attitude is almost everything. “Two men looked out from prison bars,.. One saw the mud, the other saw the stars”. Keep your eyes on the stars. We’re all going to be okay. xoxoxo”

I’m all for people trying to be positive but really – 40 lines of it? Hurrah for Twitter is all I say.


No I don’t want to add you as a friend.

A woman with a strange name wants to be my friend, I’ve never heard of her. I look at her profile and she tells me a sentence that sums her up “all nerds can f___K off”.

What a charming young lady – she knows where she can go,

Oh how I love Facebook.